About Instant Composition – By Lea

INSTANT COMPOSITION (related to Open Form Composition)

We are many people engaging in Instant Composition, it would be pretentious to give an absolute definition of this practice; it would be even more pretentious to declare some rules which would indeniably / absolutly govern such a research.

I regard the practice of Instant Composition as a philosophical and poetical act.

My attempt is to consider this practice as one door into the multiple paths that the kaleidoscope of the human being offers. Behind that door there is an empty room where anyone can sit, or stand, or walk; like entering a waiting space which invites to an undeterminated time for observance. While observing, one will notice a number of windows. Each window has its own specific size, landscape, atmosphere, density and quality.

What window to choose or not choose? How to open it? Behind the desire to open it – what kind of intention is emerging? What does motivate the action to leave the ‘waiting space’? I call this process of transition between observing / waiting and choosing: the latency space.

It is that very specific space, the latency space, which I propose to study / experiment through the practice of Instant Composition. Engaging into such research, one invests and develops a high state of presence.

Deepening into the practice, each participant will begin to enter a deep journey integrating self listening, feedback process, openness to spontaneity and shared witnessing 


OBSERVE       LISTEN       DARE        SUSTAIN       COMPOSE      ORGANIZE          LOGIC



2011 – Léa Canu Ginoux


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