About LABscape

LABSCAPE is a platform for

  • musicians,
  • painters,
  • poets,
  • dancers,
  • movers,
  • actors,
  • artists and non-artists…

…basically anyone interested in creative processes and communicating through improvisation, exploring ‘instant composition.’

The events are structured with different kinds of exercises and guided shifts towards free improvisation, in individual and collective flow. We want to explore instant composition, which is a specific frame for improvising. To that aim we will provide tools and guidance to be aware of the process of composing, from instant to instant.

Facilitators Lea, Barbara and Tijmen will help to connect to your body and inspiration, and to share your creativity through playing with physical movement, sound and images.


  • …musical instruments and materials you want to use or share
  • …clothes to move in
  • …friends
  • Water and tea are provided for.

For more information about our future events, and questions, ideas, and comments: labscape.barefoot.experiments@gmail.com

Join our group on facebook: search “LABscape”


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